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Louis Vuitton On the Beach ~ new fragrance

Louis Vuitton launches its new fragrance On The Beach that smells of freedom

The beauties of Los Angeles and the boundless emotion of a day spent on a sunny beach

You know a cloudless day, when the sky is clear and puts us in a good mood? When the summer sun warms our skin and with our eyes closed the sound of the waves mingles with that of distant music? When does that panache of lightness linked to summer conquer body and soul? These must be the sensations that Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud wanted to convey to us while he was creating the new and precious Louis Vuitton fragrance: On The Beach. Hymn to summer, travel and outdoor life. A fragrance that, like the story of a deep and fleeting sunset, contains all the most beautiful color variations of the City of Angels, thanks also to the contribution of the artist Alex Israel who has already dressed the Sun Song, Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swing colonies and California Dream from the Perfumed Colonies collection. Photo Courtsey Louis Vuitton

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