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Roberto Benigni will receive the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice

The great Tuscan showman of laughter, actor, director, honorary Dante and Oscar winner will be honored at the 2021 Venice Film Festival with a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Winner of the 1999 Oscar for Best Actor for La vita è bella, also awarded the statuette for the best foreign language film and the one for the soundtrack to Nicola Piovani, Benigni recently amazed with his intense interpretation of Geppetto in Pinocchio by Garrone, many years after his version, in which he had carved out the role of the puppet.The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 78th Venice International Film Festival (1 September – 11 September 2021) was awarded to the director, actor and screenwriter Roberto Benigni.

The decision was made by the Board of Directors of the Venice Biennale, which adopted the proposal of the Director of the Exhibition Alberto Barbera. Roberto Benigni, in accepting the proposal declares: “My heart is full of joy and gratitude. It is an immense honor to receive such high recognition for my work from the Venice International Film Festival “.Regarding this recognition, the Director Alberto Barbera declares: “Since its beginnings, which took place in the name of an innovative and disrespectful wave of rules and traditions, Roberto Benigni has established himself in the panorama of Italian entertainment as a reference figure, without previous and unparalleled. Alternating his appearances on theatrical stages, film sets and television studios with surprising results from time to time, he imposed himself on everyone by virtue of his exuberance and impetuousness, the generosity with which he gives himself to the public and the passionate joyfulness that constitutes the figure. perhaps more original than his creations. With admirable eclecticism, without ever renouncing to be himself, he went from taking on the role of one of the most extraordinary comedians in the yet rich gallery of Italian performers, to those of a memorable director capable of making films of enormous popular impact, for ultimately becoming the most appreciated interpreter and popularizer of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’. Few artists have been able like him to blend his explosive comedy, often accompanied by irreverent satire, with admirable acting skills – at the service of great directors such as Federico Fellini, Matteo Garrone and Jim Jarmusch

Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press

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