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Black look and pearls for Kate Middleton’s tribute to Prince Philip

Black look and pearls for Kate Middleton’s tribute to Prince Philip

The Duchess of Cambridge wore an elegant outfit that follows the rules of etiquette. All black for the one who remained a step behind, as did Prince Philip. The similarity of roles between her and him is evident: two people destined to be second, for reasons of throne, and who do it (and have done it) with considerable dignity. The Duke of Edinburgh was only able to precede his wife Elizabeth once in his life, as commented by the BBC during his funeral: at his funeral procession.

Kate Middleton’s dress for Philip’s funeral and the elegance of understatement Kate Middleton’s low-cut dress, with a geometric and asymmetrical design, is signed by Roland Mouret and had already been worn. The Duchess of Cambridge left her mark by staying one step behind, just like Prince Philip did.

Aware of her power to attract photographers to herself, the Duchess chose a refined but not flashy outfit, and already worn previously, so as not to distract attention from the funeral ( Photo Courtsey Royal Family )

( Photo Courtsey Twitter-Instagram Royal Family )

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