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Julia Roberts launches Chopard’s Joy of Life Happy Diamonds

Chopard launches the new Happy Diamonds campaign: Julia Roberts directed by Xavier Dolan interprets the Maison’s “joie de vivre” with her legendary smile.

«Happiness is expressed through your movements. Nobody can stop you from smiling, laughing, dancing… Happiness is overflowing with life! ». This is how you recite the motto that inspired Chopard in the creation of the Happy Diamonds collection, first conceived in the mid-1980s by the co-president and artistic director of the Maison, Caroline Scheufele. The starting point of the collection was precisely the idea of ​​diamonds free to move and dance within walls made of sapphire. The idea of ​​christening them “Happy diamonds” came from Caroline Scheufele’s mother who, the first time she saw them, she exclaimed “these diamonds are happier in freedom”.Dolan’s short, which unfolds on the notes of Paloma Faith’s Upside Down, immortalizes the free run of diamonds and the timeless charm of Julia Roberts with extreme elegance, recounting the bold style and vitality of the watch launched in 1993 by Caroline Scheufele. This watchmaking icon is in fact sublimated by moving diamonds, called Happy Diamonds by the mother of Caroline Scheufele, who the first time she saw them uttered the phrase that embodies the true essence of the timepiece: “these diamonds are happier in freedom”. Xavier Dolan’s camera, direct, vibrant and without complexes, captures all the strength of the encounter between Julia Roberts and a timepiece that overturns all the codes of watchmaking, recounting a lovestory that reminds us that everyone has the ability to reinvent themselves and become the own, very personal, authentic, legend. Housed inside an impalpable gold capsule, the free Chopard diamonds become an extension of the impulses and emotions of the wearer, as if they were talismans. Photo Courtsey Chopard

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