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Eros Ramazzotti to Felicissima Sera, a splendid gesture: the cachet was donated to show business workers

Very happy evening, Eros Ramazzotti donates the cachet to show business workers.A truly commendable gesture, we assure you. And it is for this reason that Pio and Amedeo could not do without them during the last episode of Felicissima Sera. To open the dances of this latest episode, as we said previously, it was Eros Ramazzotti. Which, after retracing his life and some important photographs, enchanted the Italian public with his voice. And, of course, with his incredible successes. It is precisely after this precious moment that the Apulian comic duo announced: “he has donated the cachet to show business workers”.

Well yes. You read that right. At a time when, due to the Coronavirus emergency, various sectors of the show are completely blocked, Eros Ramazzotti has decided to donate the fee received for his guest at Felicissima Sera to this category. Eros Ramazzotti lends himself to the irreverent interview with Pio and Amedeo, who opened the third episode of “Felicissima Sera”. At the end of a beautiful performance, Pio and Amedeo take the floor for a particular tribute: “He chose to donate all his cachet this evening to the workers of the show and it was the only one. gesture, may it be the spring to restart everything as soon as possible “. Photo Courtsey Pio e Amedeo Instagram -Facebook

Pio and Amedeo and the avant-garde show. They define it as “Happy evening”, the show in three episodes – the last one today in prime time on Canale 5 after the success of the first two with Totti, Baglioni and De Filippi and with more than 4 million spectators and 21% share – irreverent, ironic, irreverent. A “closure with a bang”, as the comic duo writes on social media, with Eros Ramazzotti, Raoul Bova, Laura Chiatti, Noemi, Nina Zilli. “A test of courage, a breath of fresh air in Italian homes”,

It was great for 1000 reasons, but distracting yourself a little and seeing the people around us return to work was an injection of happiness to the heart.


Pio and Amedeo

Photo Courtsey Pio e Amedeo Instagram -Facebook

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