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Kasia Smutniak Kasia Smutniak is the queen of Rome in “Domina”

Kasia Smutiniak is Domina ”: the new Sky TV series

“Livia Drusilla was perhaps the first true feminist in history because the power she managed to obtain was never an end in itself, but a question of survival”, is how Kasia Smutniak defines her, the Italian-Polish actress who gives face and depth to a forgotten historical figure. “Today we need stories like this, starring women who have left a great impact. Giving the right weight to Livia Drusilla’s story and making it credible is a responsibility that we have all felt, including writers and directors ».

Not only. Domina’s references to the present are evident in many facets. And, as Smutniak explains, above all with the concept of woman that we are painstakingly building for ourselves today. “Power is needed for Livia to survive, to have the freedom to choose for herself. Livia puts aside her own needs to pursue an idea, which is also a political idea. She is consistent with herself, and that’s what I like most about her. Perhaps her strength is the awareness that she can make a difference. “

A cast and crew with big names

Playing the young Livia in the first two episodes is Nadia Parkes. She then followed by Kasia Smutniak in the adult version. British actor Matthew McNulty as the future Emperor Gaius Octavian (Tom Glynn-Carney plays him as a young man). Then there is the American actress Claire Forlani, who is Octavia, sister of Gaius. Christine Bottomley is Scribonia, first wife of Gaius and bitter enemy of Livia.

Colette Dalal Tchantcho gives her face to Antigone, first Livia’s trusted maid and then a free woman and her confidant. The English actor Ben Batt (plays Agrippa, childhood friend of Gaius Octavian, his general and later consul. The cast is completed by an international star like Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) in the role of Livio, father of Livia Drusilla. And an icon of world cinema like Isabella Rossellini, who in the series plays Balbina, maitresse of a brothel.

Photo Courtsey SKY/ Gigi iorio/NewsPress

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