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Award ceremony evening the Monte-Carlo Film Festival 2021

The Spanish film Sentimental wins the Montecarlo Festival De La Comedie

Grand finale of the 18th Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie, the event conceived and chaired by Ezio Greggio, in the Principality of Monaco.

Ezio Greggio Also in this edition, which we managed to complete by complying with all the health regulations of the moment, the final choice engaged the jurors for the level and quality of the eight works in competition and selected from over one hundred films. The verdict confirms that the Monte-Carlo Film Festival is an important, sought-after and prestigious international showcase. In fact, the films of three of the six countries represented in this edition return home with at least one prize: Spain, Israel and the United States.

Here comes the verdict of the Jury composed of Raoul Bova (President), Mario de la Rosa, Giacomo Ferrara and Mario Sesti.

The Spanish film SENTIMENTAL directed by Cesc Gay gets two awards, winning the award for best film and awards the Argentine actress Griselda Siciliani as best actress.

For best director Adam Rehmeier wins for the comedy DINNER IN AMERICA.

Todd Stephens’s other US film SWAN SONG goes to Udo Kier for Best Actor, and the Audience Award.

The Jury of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival wanted to award a special mention to the Israeli film HONEYMOOD, directed by Talya Lavie.

Finally, the Short Comedy Award in the section dedicated to short films, which went to WICHITA by Sergine Dumais (USA-Canada). Photo Gigi Iorio/News Press

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