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Chiara Ferragni Cafè opens in Milan

Chiara Ferragni opens a temporary bar with Nespresso in one of the most beautiful plains of Milan. Here is the price list of the restaurant.
Chiara Ferragni never ceases to amaze and, above all, she has shown once again that she does not like to be idle. The most loved and followed influencer in the world has embarked on a collaboration with Nespresso, opening a temporary café in Brera, the historic district of Milan. But how much does it cost to sit down and have a coffee in the chicest bar in town? Here is the price list and all the dishes we could find.

Chiara Ferragni, what a coffee in the Nespresso Temporary Bar
New mother of second-born Vittoria, Chiara Ferragni is a modern mother who is divided between work, new exclusive projects and the care of her beautiful family. A few hours ago, Ferragni unveiled a new exclusive collaboration with Nespresso that led it to inaugurate an exclusive temporary café in Brera, one of the historic districts of Milan. The bar is as colorful, cheerful, trendy and super trendy as its creator and it will be possible to consume in the suggestive location for only 45 days,
Ferragni’s coffee for Nespresso costs just over one euro, while the famous The Blond Salad, the name of Ferragni’s blog, costs 15. Nine euros for avocado toast while a spritz and a Margherita pizza cost only 8 euros. In short, competitive prices that testify to Chiara’s commitment to promoting the local economy in such a delicate period.

Photo Credit Chiara Ferragni Instagram

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